How Major Streaming Services And Shows Have Performed This Year Until Now

2022 has been a packed year so far, and we have not even reached the mid-point of the year. Streaming services have attracted audiences with a variety of content coming out regularly right from the start of the year. Some streaming services have been doing extremely well by growing such as Disney+, while some are struggling and losing subscribers like Netflix. Let’s have a loo at how some of the major streaming platforms have fared this year.

Netflix has not had an ideal 2022 as it lost around 200,000 subscribers by the end of Q1. It began the year with a successful Cobra Kai S4 and Ozark S4 pt.1, but then lost momentum as it no major success apart from Vikings: Valhalla for most of Q1. They ended Q1 with the sophomore season to Bridgerton which was appreciated, but nowhere near as much as its predecessor. It had some breakout shows such as Heartstopper, All of us are dead etc. but their biggest success was Stranger Things S4 vol. 1, which became its most watched show ever.

Disney+ on the other hand has had a very solid year. It’s major shows such as The Book of Boba Fett, MoonKnight and Obi-Wan Kenobi have attracted plenty of viewers. Their international distribution of FX and Hulu originals like Pam and Tommy, Love Victor etc. have also helped them gain subscribers. A positive improvement has also been in noticed in the quality of their original series. They still have plenty of big originals slated to release in the second half as well.

Prime Video has been very underwhelming in 2022. A lot of subscribers expected not only an increase in the number of originals, but also a upgrade in quality, but most have been left disappointed. Prime video has had a handful of mild successes such as Upload S2, Night Sky, Outer Range etc. with Reacher being their only major success. The upcoming releases of major projects like The Boys and The Terminal list should give them a boost.

HBOMax has been very consistent throughout the 2 quarters. It started the year with a bang with Peacemaker, which was a major success. Also, having hit HBO shows like Euphoria S2, The Gilded Age, Winning Time, Barry S3 etc. has helped with attracting audience. They have also had regular successes with Hacks S2, Tokyo Vice, Raises By Wolves S2 etc.

AppleTV+ is probably the biggest winner out of all streaming platforms. They had a golden period with a series of back to back successes with breakout hits such as Severance, Pachinko, Slow Horses etc. which not only had huge viewership, but also great critical reception. It is expected to continue the momentum and grow significantly throughout the year with plenty of big releases lined up for Q3 and Q4.

Kevin Verma

Kevin Verma

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