Do Revenge Review: Fancy And Charming.

I confess that my expectation for this movie was zero, I don’t usually like teen movies with this school vibe, gossip, ostentation, etc. But here the movie is REALLY fun and very important to watch and for reasons I will explain.

The film tells the story of Drea (Camila Mendes), a girl with a bad financial condition, a scholarship holder in a school practically where we have only millionaires, Drea is seen as a very popular student and adopted by students, until an intimate video of her leaks on the internet causing everyone to change and make her “career” go down the drain. Drea meets Eleanor (Maya Hawke), and from that moment on, the movie only became more and more fun, I confess that I love Maya and her performance in her projects and here she is no different, she manages to bring all the sensations and feelings that the character has for us, and her friendship with Drea is VERY good and works too much, all the scenes in which they are together works, their dialogues are good, the discussions are well acted and this helps a lot in the plot. I got to say, Drea and Eleanor are MEAN girls and not simple mean, they’re actually MEAN and revenge is their last name!

It’s not an epic movie, it’s not a phenomenal movie, but it will certainly have fun a lot of people, the movie brings GIANT plot twists that I really didn’t expect and that for me was the best part of it, but I think one of the best details of this movie was how the representativeness is so natural and it doesn’t seem forced, sometimes we see in movies the way they force to add LGBTQ+ characters and you can feel it, but not here, and all the couples formed in this movie have an excellent chemistry and a very enchanting and charming romance.

MANY colors, very colorful movie and if you have a word to describe this movie, it would be “fancy or chic”. If you don’t like teen movies, I don’t know if this movie is for you or not, because despite bringing all those references and plots of teen cliché movies, the movie has a very good story and a well-developed plot with intriguing characters, but yes the movie has its flaws, starting clearly with the cliché scenes that are sometimes TOO many clichés and even irritates, but I don’t think it bothered me much in my final conclusion of the movie.

The film has very cool conflicts that really make us worried and embarrassed about the situation the character is in and this feeling transmitted by the viewer is what makes it more intriguing. I have to confess that I am not a fan of Camila Mendes and I have never been to researched about her work and I have never seen her in a movie or series (yes, I have never seen Riverdale), but from what I saw in this movie, she worked very well, played a worried teenager and full of psychological problems that will make many people identify themselves. The film addresses very important topics, VERY important, how women are treated in society for a long while and still people don’t change, how straight cis men are always at the top and are more respected and covered up than most and how this reflects on the harmed, it is a film that for sure many people will identify, never practice bullying, I think this should be the basics of a human being, think that bullying will not benefit in ANYTHING for you, but it will harm those you bullied, and I think the movie knows how to address this.

After all, ‘Do Revenge‘ is chic, fancy and charming, certainly another win for Maya Hawke, a film with an approach to important themes for the society in which we live.

Rating: 73%

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