The Guardians Of The Galaxy: Holiday Special Review: A Delightful Christmas Gift

Oh how i’m happy to see them back… after 5 long years, the Guardians of the Galaxy finally got another solo project, a very short one, but so heartfelt and emotional that’s a delight to watch without a doubt. I don’t think I have many stuff to say about this special, it’s simple but it has the soul of this beloved group of crazy heroes.

The story is simple and sweet, brings us back to this lovely team and now on Christmas time, after Yondu “ruined” Christmas for Peter Quill, Mantis and Drax decided to make Quill a Christmas surprise and bring back the Christmas spirit to his empty soul… and how to do that? Giving him a gift, something that he loves and admires… Kevin Bacon… yes, Drax and Mantis decides to go and “kidnap” Kevin Bacon and give him as a gift to Peter. Yes this is the whole story, but how they explore this is just delightful and enjoyable, I mean… when will you ever see Drax saying “Who Is Bruce Wayne ?”

There is no Gamora as we was already expecting but she is briefly mentioned during the show, Peter Quill does a fine job here, he doesn’t appear that much in the project but he’s the reason of all the story, Rocket and Groot are very brief appearances, they only appear to make something funny, such as Cosmo which was definitely just a cameo, but Groot in practical effects looks actually very good, but they’re so goofy, I love these guys… Now talking about our stars, starting with Mantis which took huge laughs from me for sure, she’s so naturally funny and charismatic, the way she cares about Quill and that she’s up to whatever to make him happy it’s lovely and great to see in a Christmas special, and now let’s talk about my favorite one… DRAX, THE KING OF COMEDY, there is one scene when they get in Hollywood and they see many different cosplayers and that’s all Im saying… be prepared to laugh hard in that scene, Drax is so silly and funny and his so dumb sometimes that just makes you laugh and laugh more…

The soundtrack is so sweet, the CGI is surprisingly one of the best we had in the whole Phase 4, the scenarios looks great, storytelling is exceptional and the characters are simply phenomenal.

Don’t be expecting a massive setup to the MCU nor to the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy sequel that’s coming next year to theaters, this is just a short comedy that will make you have fun and that’s it, it’s the perfect way to spend your Christmas time… I can’t forget to tell you that there is ONE post credit scene, very quick but funny, be sure to check it out…

The Guardians Of The Galaxy: Holiday Special is a heartfelt and delightful addition to the MCU. Love and the spirit of Christmas is spread in the best way as possible in this lovely special.

Rating: 85%

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