Pearl Review: A Phenomenal Horror Masterpiece.

Some people who follows our social media might know that I am the biggest fan of the first movie of this franchise, X, and Pearl was definitely my most anticipated movie of the whole year since then, I mean, Ti West proved that he is perfect with slasher movies, so how could this go wrong right? I have no words for what I witnessed because this movie is totally what it should be, a slasher historic feature.

Who watched X probably was left with many questions… why that crazy old woman wanted to kill everyone? What happened to her? Why she’s like that? People need answer, and so they gave us all the answers in a spectacular movie that almost matches up with the level of its first released film.

The movie tells the story of Pearl, a young woman who dreams to be a Hollywood star, but her life conditions won’t help her with that, her mother doesn’t support her, she’s actually the opposite, she treats her daughter like trash, because she wants the daughter to be what she wants her to be because she’s her mother and that’s it. Her father is in a critic situation, he can’t move his legs nor any part of his body besides his eyes, Pearl knew how to manage with all the conflicts in the movie, and it wasn’t in the pacific way…

This movie had a $1M budget and that made me jaw dropped, how’s that possible with that filmmaking?? The soundtrack is magnificent, the visuals and editing are stunning, the perfomances are perfect and the writing too, I don’t know actually what to complain about the movie, I think the o my thing I would change was a bit more of runtime, showing us more of Harold (Perl’s Husband), when the movie ended I was sad because it was done I just don’t wanted to leave the theater because that was such a good movie.

I have to talk about Mia Goth, what she does here is spectacular, phenomenal and made me speechless, there is a monologue in the end of the movie that when I was watching I was literally hypnotized with that 6 minute talking with no cuts on it, that was such a Oscar deserved scene, not only on this scene, Mia Goth gave here probably my favorite performance of the whole year so far, she really knows what she’s doing.

The movie itself is not as slashy and bloody as X was, but you sure will see some disgusting blood scenes in it, Pearl is here to kill and she doesn’t care who are you and what are your intentions, sometimes what it feels is that she just wants to kill and she scared me a lot. Different than X, Pearl had a more deep story, exploring more about the characters and not just killing like the first movie was, but I still think X is my favorite of the franchise so far.

Pearl is a masterpiece, one of the best movies of the year combined with one of the best performances, a movie full of blood, tension and crazy scenes that will make you be on the edge of your seat!

Rating: 97%

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