‘I am Groot’ Episodes Ranked

With the release of Marvel Studios’, ‘I am Groot’ collection of shorts, we attempt to rank them to see which one is the best watch for you.

5 – ‘Groot’s First Steps’

The first episode of ‘I am Groot’ hooks the audience for one reason, how cute baby Groot is! That’s it because despite some stunning animation, the first episode is relatively uneventful.


4 – ‘Groot’s Pursuit’

This episode includes baby Groot’s favourite hobby, dancing. He explores a scary sound that he hears whilst sleeping, leading to Baby Groot having a dance-off against… Baby Groot!


3 – ‘The Little Guy’

Baby Groot is used to being the shortest among most however when he discovers a colony of minuscule beings he decides to help them by giving them food, his own leaves. However, he accidentally destroys this colony by stepping on them, until…


2 – ‘Groot Takes a Bath’

When Groot discovers that bathing makes leaves grow on his trunk he decides to try out every style possible and eventually gets revenge on a bird that was mocking him. This episode provides some breathtakingly beautiful animation.


1 – ‘Magnum Opus’

Groot takes painting to the extreme as he attempts to make a portrait of him and the Guardians, having to get his art supplies in some creative ways. Not to the liking of Rocket who features in this episode to tell Groot off because of the damage that he has caused. However, Rocket’s mood quickly changes when he sees Groot’s painting.

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Hugo W

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