Attack On Titan anime has the chance to make the Ending better than the Manga

The iconic and decade long journey of Attack On Titan will come to an end next year with final season part 3.

It’s pretty much known that the anime and the story in manga is legendary at this point and it deserves to be. But the ending of Manga is still very controversial unlike the rest of the story. The anime managed to make the story even better because it’s made so well.

There’s a chance they will change the ending or atleast flesh it out more. It really needs to be fleshed out more so the audience can feel what Isayama was going for because in the manga in felt a bit less impactful. The idea behind it is good but the execution is not.

Fans have been debating the same thing. A lot of people believe that the ending will be changed in anime. Some straight up hate the ending and want it to be changed, some want the current ending to be more fleshed out.

If not, they should still go for the 12 episode format. There’s 8 chapters left to adapt from manga but if the anime goes with a longer runtime, they will have chance to flesh everything out which will be great. It will be stupid to end such a perfect show in a bad way right? The show currently has 7 out of top 20 highest rated episodes of all time which is quite an accomplishment. Personally this is one of the greatest shows of all time at this point. In the start it fools the audience seeming like a generic action anime that involves giants. But no, it is a masterpiece in storytelling and defines human nature better than any movie or show.

What do you think? Are you satisfied with the current ending or want a new one?

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Anmol Pandhi

Anmol Pandhi

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