‘Jack Ryan’ Season 4 Review: John Krasinski’s Action-Packed Ending

Though its short run leaves some characterization to be desired, the final season of 'Jack Ryan' successfully completes its action-packed mission.

The highly praised series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is concluding with its fourth and final season, consisting of six episodes. Despite some issues, the season offers a satisfying conclusion to Jack Ryan’s story as he covertly combats an internal agency threat. Alongside the familiar core cast, Michael Peña excels as Domingo “Ding” Chavez, a beloved character from Tom Clancy’s universe.

The season takes viewers on a thrilling global adventure with unexpected twists. However, the balance between character development, central conspiracy, and other elements feels slightly off due to limited episodes, leaving some storylines unresolved. Nonetheless, it sets the stage for a potential spinoff centered around Peña’s Chavez, currently in development.

John Krasinski (Jack Ryan), Betty Gabriel (Elizabeth Wright)

As Jack Ryan (John Krasinski) rises in the CIA, he aims to restore its reputation after Miller’s scandal. Yet, a bigger conspiracy awaits. Ryan and Acting Director Elizabeth Wright (Betty Gabriel) dig into Miller’s redacted records, uncovering his ongoing questionable activities. Controversy elevates Wright’s public role while Ryan protects her covertly, creating tense subplots of danger and loyalty.

Amidst the Ryan and Wright subplots, experienced Jim Greer joins the investigation with his unique skills. However, Miller is just the beginning, as the larger conspiracy spans multiple countries. Fans familiar with the series appreciate the intricate web of plots and enjoy watching Ryan, Greer, and Chavez work together, with Chavez adding an intriguing wildcard element.

As the story unravels, unexpected twists and turns emerge, leading to a global journey and action-packed sequences. On the domestic front, Greer and Wright make significant discoveries, realizing the interconnections within the conspiracy. The thrilling exploits of Ryan and his team build suspense until the gripping finale.

As the season nears its end, the focus shifts to the main characters. While it’s good to see Greer and Wright receive more attention, their storylines lack the same interest as Ryan’s, aside from occasional spy moments by Greer. Limited character development time contributes to this disparity. Their primary role is to propel the story forward, and although there are fleeting moments of growth, they feel like interruptions to the main mystery.

Time constraints or narrative choices prevent a deep exploration of Greer and Wright’s characters. Conversely, the subplots involving new characters introduced this season are forgettable and lack substantial development. However, as they serve the main plot, their shortcomings are less noticeable. The season concludes Ryan’s journey with a satisfying and impactful moment, while leaving the door open for potential future spinoffs.

While the action is a standout part of the show, the real strength of Jack Ryan lies in John Krasinski’s amazing performance as the main character. Krasinski effortlessly brings charm, charisma, likability, and relatability to Ryan, making him a captivating and interesting character to watch. Ryan transforms into a physically demanding action hero while remaining true to his essence.

Wendell Pierce and Betty Gabriel also deliver strong performances in their roles, adding depth to the story beyond Ryan’s journey. Pierce and Gabriel have enjoyable moments on screen together. However, it is Michael Peña who really shines as Chavez, bringing his energetic presence and stealing the spotlight. Chavez’s character, like Mike November portrayed by Michael Kelly, forms a twisted and humorous relationship with Ryan, adding a lightness to the season’s story.

John Krasinski (Jack Ryan)

The final season of Jack Ryan offers a satisfying and action-packed conclusion for longtime fans, despite its brief episode count. While it marks the end of Ryan’s story, it leaves the door open for exciting possibilities in the franchise’s future.

Despite some shortcomings in character development and certain subplots, the show remains a gripping and thrilling experience for viewers, thanks in large part to John Krasinski’s remarkable portrayal of the beloved titular character. As the series bids farewell, it leaves a sense of anticipation for what lies ahead in the world of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.


The final season of Jack Ryan is now streaming on Prime Video.

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