‘The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar’ Review: A Magnificent And Peculiar Tale

As we all know, Wes Anderson is a very talented and versatile director that has such a peculiar and unique filmmaking that is a big success around the world. I’m glad to say that Wes Anderson and Roald Dahl delivered a perfect devolved short and I cannot wait to check out the 4 upcoming shorts that are set to release on the upcoming days.

The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar follows Henry Sugar, an independently wealthy man who enjoys gambling, finds and reads a doctor’s report on a strange patient the doctor met while stationed at a hospital in India. This patient, who called himself “The Man Who Sees Without Using His Eyes”, had the ability to see even after the doctors had medically sealed the man’s eyes shut and bandaged his head. The man was part of a circus act and used his ability to make money. When interviewed in more detail by the curious doctors he gave an account which they wrote up. The man claimed he had been interested in magic all his life, and managed to study with Yogi Hardawar in India, by which he develops the ability to see through thin objects such a paper or playing cards, and can see around solid objects such as a wooden door if he is allowed a finger or hand around it. The doctors decide the man could be of great benefit as a teacher of the blind, and return to the circus, only to find the show canceled, when the Man Who Sees Without Using His Eyes has died.

It is safe to say that this short is an unique adaptation from Roald Dahl’s tale, its different, magic, crazy and the visuals are simply magnificent and if you’re a fan of Wes Anderson’s work then don’t worry because this was simply beautiful.

Henry Sugar, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, is such an involving and interesting character, the cast does a great job overall, it’s a very limited cast, with only 4-5 actors doing different roles.

I simply loved the way the story was told through the story, each character that was on screen was narrating its own story. The dialogue was really fast yet clear, each actor did a great job on having to speak so much for a short period of time and delivering still a magical performance.

The soundtrack is definitely Wes Anderson’s level and so is the photography. Production design is also beautiful just like the director’s other movies, definitely a great time for fans.

Despite it being rated PG, I don’t see many kids enjoying this as much as adults being fairly honest, it’s a very complex story that was told in a very complex way so I’d recommend this short but if you’re planning on watching with your 12 year old child maybe they won’t have such fun.

The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar is a delightful, peculiar and magical tale from the world of Roald Dahl. Wes Anderson managed to develop an involving and magnificent short with his unique filmmaking.


The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar releases on Netflix on September 27

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