Puss In Boots: The Last Wish Review: The Perfect Sequel

We might be a little bit late to talk about this one but I just felt that this is so necessary because there’s a lot to talk about this movie and how perfect it was, as a big fan of the Shrek franchise, I was genuinely afraid that this movie could be bad, Joel Crawford is a great director, we can say that now, but he only directed 2 movies, and the other one he directed was one that I did not enjoyed AT ALL. Joel Crawford’s first movie was Croods: A New Age, and I LOVE the original Croods but this sequel was just soulless for me and it didn’t worked at all, even tho could be funny sometimes, the characters personality looks just different from the ones we saw in the first movie, so I was afraid that he could be doing the same thing to our beloved Puss In Boots… but well, he did not!

Puss In Boots: The Last Wish takes place after all the Shrek movies and it’s a direct sequel to its predecessor, Puss suddenly finds out that he lost 8 lives and with only 1 left, he really doesn’t want to risk that one and die… when he finds out that a magical star located in the dark forest can make his wish come true! So he could have his lives back! But it won’t be that easy when many other people are also trying to reach this magical star.

Every single character in this movie works, there’s not even one that I didn’t enjoyed, the movie gives perfect screen time for each of the characters also which works pretty much well… Puss In Boots it’s the goofy, funny guy that we know from the Shrek movies, and here is no different, he will definitely make you laugh and fight with some amazing fight scenes. Kitty Softpaws is the only character that I’d say that I preferred her in the first Puss In Boots, but here she’s also great so there’s no reason to complain. I definitely need to highlight the way this movie addresses the anxiety and panic attacks, and how simple things can make you feel so much better, Puss is not okay, he is afraid, scared of dying, he is LITERALLY freaking out sometimes and he definitely needs support from the ones that loves him, and that’s why I have to talk about the character Perrito, which at first I thought it was going to be just an annoying character addition but yeah… I was so wrong. Perrito is so important here, is the comfort character for Puss, who’s always helping him even tho Puss shows that he doesn’t care about Perrito and just wants him to leave him alone. YES I HAVE TO TALK ABOUT DEATH… bounty hunter, Lobo, call however you want but WHAT A CHARACTER, Dreamworks used to slay when it comes to make villains but it has been a while since I saw a really good villain in one of their movies, but here we go, a very dark, dangerous, scary villain that will definitely terrify your kids every time he’s on screen, a character with gorgeous and very tense scenes, he definitely stoled the show. Florence Pugh is amazing in it too, I mean… it’s Florence Pugh…

The new animation style is better than I thought that it would be, don’t get me wrong, is not that I don’t enjoy this new 2D-3D animation that was introduced in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, is just that this franchise already had their own original animation style, and no one was complaining about it so why change? But yeah they changed but it’s not something that affects the experience or makes the movie become “less Shrek”…

Visuals, colors, sounds, everything is just stunning in this movie and it’s definitely one of the best animated movies of 2022… Puss In Boots: The Last Wish is a comeback of a beloved franchise and in the best way possible, full of colors, gorgeous visuals and an emotional plot that definitely honors the legacy of this franchise and, obviously, of Puss In Boots…

Rating: 94%

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