‘No One Will Save You’ Review: Kaitlyn Dever Shines In This Epic Thriller

It is no secret that Kaitlyn Dever is a queen and she shines in every movie she’s in, last year she led the movie Rosaline for Hulu and her performance was one of the most acclaimed parts of that movie. And now she’s back, No One Will Save You is a big surprise and one of the best movies of the year.

Kaitlyn basically carries the movie by herself around of a lot of CGI aliens. She delivers one of the most thrilling performances of her career in this silent film, yes, this movie has no dialogue at all despite some moments where you can hear her say one word or another but it’s indeed a silent film and the sound mixing and the sound effects is what make this movie even better.

Don’t get me wrong, No One Will Save You is genuinely terrifying, my favorite part about that is the fact that the aliens have a huge role in this movie and they show up a lot. It’s not those type of movies where you desperately want to see how the alien looks like but they keep hiding from you or they don’t show at all because it’s too expensive to put a CGI alien in that certain movie. The Alien’s visuals are the scariest part of this movie for sure, I was terrified, I got jumpscared 3 times in this movie, they really managed to make this movie in a way that will give you some nightmares later.

Kaitlyn Dever is Brynn, she is a young woman that lives by herself in the middle of nowhere and she is hated by everyone from her town after something she did in her past. Suddenly, Brynn finds out aliens are invading her house. Trust me, the less you know about this movie the more you will enjoy watching it.

I love how this movie presents everything in the way we want it to be, there’s basic no failures and is so fast paced that it ends so quickly and feel like you want more after its shocking ending. Since the movie has no dialogue, they depend a lot on making a good score and sound effects and don’t worry about that because they do it and in the best way, everything here is well developed and amusing to watch.

Despite loving the movie, of course there are its fails here and there. CGI can be a flaw in some scenes, yes, some, not every scene. Besides that the movie is literally what you want it to be and more. The scenes will keep you on the edge of your seat for most of the time, you will feel desperate do find out what is she doing in that certain situation and her magnificent performance makes you feel the agony and frustration she is going through, it’s a character that will make you feel involved. Cinematography is excellent and so is the soundtrack. The movie is full of secrets and they reveal it to you in a way that will make you understand everything and without saying a single word.

Kaitlyn Dever shines in No One Will Save You, she delivers a magnificent performance in this epic thriller with scenes that will leave you on the very edge of your seat. A suspenseful action-packed movie that will give you some nightmares after seeing those aliens. A must watch.


No One Will Save You releases on Hulu on September 22

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