Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special: A Great, But Very, Very Weird Special

Who watched the Harley Quinn show knows how goofy and inappropriate this show is and definitely also knows that is one of the best adult animated shows in recent years, now they decided to do a special, a Valentine’s Day one… did that worked? Gotta confess that yes it did, but this special will definitely bring some controversy between fans.

Harley is back with her girlfriend Ivy and it’s Valentine’s Day! Harley said that she always made sure that her Valentine’s Day with Joker was better than the previous one, and following the same thinking, she wants her first Valentine’s Day with Ivy to be the best one Ivy ever had in her life, and Harley’s up to do literally anything to make it happen, and well yeah she does crazy stuff to make it happen… but did it worked? You have to watch it to find out.

The special is very fun but there’s not a lot to talk about it, the special is divided in different storylines of different characters that, in the end, everything comes together for a satisfying conclusion. Starting to talk about the main one, Harley and Ivy, going together on a dinner and crazy things happen all because Harley is desperate to make that day go perfect. The other one is Clay Face going on a date with a guy and he ended up having a relationship with his own ass? Yeah I won’t give details about it… And the other one is Bane and how he’s afraid of spending Valentine’s Day by himself and he has the most nasty and disgusting scene(s) of this entire special.

It’s very hard to talk about this special without spoilers, it’s just so funny and the crazy things this special shows us is so disgusting that made me giggle, like where did they actually took this idea of ******* buildings, this was insane. The animation is the same one as the show and it really feels like an extended episode and basically that’s what it is, expect some very crazy scenes and some very fun ones too!

Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Special is an insane and crazy special that really matches up with its title, bringing different storylines that brings up to a very satisfying ending, expect some crazy nasty scenes.

Rating: 70%

The Special releases on February 9th on HBO Max

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