The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power Ep 1-2 Review: Stunning, Magical and Enchanting.

We would first like to thank Amazon Prime Video for giving us the opportunity to check out the first 2 episodes of ‘The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power’.

The most expensive series in history… what could we expect? Surely something great and magnificent that is as big as its budget. And here it didn’t disappointed, the series delivers an impressive and magical jaw-dropping introduction with certain magnificent moments.

The story has several storylines that, of course, are automatically linked in some way that we will see in the next episodes explored, the series takes place years before the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ movies, where we then see the resurgence of evil in this world, it is incredible how the series approaches every part of this great world introducing them with a lot of detail and specifications. Overall, we can’t complain about the photography, it’s magnificent, the series already starts with images that makes your eyes shine with pleasure, it really lives up to your budget.

The script does have its flaws and especially in episode 1, the series starts quite interesting but then they get lost a little and you could feel the story going very slow some times, but only in small parts that are important to highlight, episode 2 does not really lose, takes everything they introduced in episode 1 and go straight to action showing us all the dangers that are to come. A lot of people will ask: “Oh, do I need to watch the movies before watching the show?” And what I tell you is NO, you can quietly get involved with the story and the characters even if you haven’t watched the movies, but the series is still a gift for movie fans for sure, small references to the world of the movies are brought in a way that beats nostalgia for any fan watching.

The CGI is cinematic, all the monsters seen in these first two episodes are perfectly embedded in the scene with great movement, color, shading and other realistic details, you really have nothing to complain about the special effects, but of course we have to take into account the big money spent on it and so that was already expected to be excellent.

CGI, script, photography are very good and for sure it’s exceptional, but the best thing about this series without a doubt is the wonderful cast, they bring us not very well-known actors, which makes the series even more unique, very talented and really captivating people in their roles, Morfydd Clark does an incredible job as Galadriel and certainly one of the best characters, Robert Aramayo and Ismael Cruz Córdoba are also wonderful in their roles. Actors and actresses that I had never heard of before who will now surely have the recognition they deserve.

The only defect for me of this series was its slow start, which is a great defect of course, the series failed to arrest me at first, but it is understandable since we have so much information and introductions thrown at us at the same time that maybe it will leave us confused, but do not give up on the series, for sure you will get involved with the following episodes. The soundtrack, oh my… all the sound effects and every music in it feels so good… they really didn’t missed in this part also for sure.

‘The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power’ it’s magical and stunning with incredible visuals and exceptional sound effects. A series that really lived up to its big budget.

Rating: 87%

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