Enola Holmes 2 Review: A Sequel That Exceeds The Quality Of Its Predecessor.

It’s been a little bit over 2 years since Enola Holmes hit Netflix and it was a movie that made me create huge expectations, but when I watched it I was partially disappointed, yes, I didn’t enjoy the first movie THAT much and I think it wasn’t the mysterious investigation I wanted it to be… you know… So my expectations for Enola Holmes 2 were neutral, I was expecting something solid like the first movie but no this is INDEED a detective movie, with many interesting twists and a non-stop plot that will make you on the edge of your seat in many moments and make you think about it for a long time.

Enola is back and better than ever, she finally opens her office and she’s totally ready to take on cases, but no one really cares about a young woman on that time… so Sherlock, her brother, was the one people actually wanted to look forward. While Sherlock had many cases to solve, Enola was desperate to take one case at least. When suddenly a little girl pops up, Enola Holmes has finally got a case to solve, Sarah Chapman was missing and Enola was set to find out what happened to her.

The plot is very twisted and full of action and with great fourth wall breaks during the movie, Enola is that type of character that knows how to handle a movie by her own, she manages to make you not get bored during the whole movie, and her chemistry with Sherlock is amazing, they are both amazing together here and the intelligence and similarity between them is really wonderful. Sarah Chapman and her disappearance is something quite intriguing that makes you wonder what happened to her and how she ended up where she is, and there are always those moments that make you confused but then they explain to you that makes you be like: “wow I was not expecting that” and this feeling is epic. Enola’s mother is something I have to mention, she appeared in a few scenes but I loved her in it, she was totally amazing.

Lord Tewksbury, Enola’s love interest, he’s character is not as present as he was in the first movie, he appeared more by the end of this movie, where it was a HUGE finale with a lot of action and twists. And they really set up us a sequel that will probably be happening soon, I personally got surprised how this movie surpassed its predecessor and I’m glad it did. But no not everything is perfect, we have some generic moments in this movie, some details on the plot that just shows us stuff that we have indeed seen before, but the message through everything is just inspiring.

Action scenes are very good, maybe even better than the first movie too, soundtrack is well done, acting is exceptional by most of the cast, great villain and very good cinematography, camera movement is very good in this feature. It’s definitely a worthy watch for those who really love mystery and detective movies! The movie also have many flashbacks from its predecessor which helps a lot for you to remember everything that happened before that.

Enola Holmes 2 is better and more fun than its predecessor, Millie Bobby Brown shines in one of the most fun movies of the year full of twists and intriguing moments.

Rating: 85%

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