Me Time Review: More Of The Same.

Here we go again, Kevin Hart is back for another comedy movie where he makes a “duo” with another famous actor and we see a generic and weak plot but at the same times we get some good laughs… ‘Me Time’ brings us another Netflix generic comedy, we also saw Kevin Hart in the recent ‘The Man From Toronto’ and we also saw him teaming up with The Rock (again) at ‘DC League Of Super Pets’ and what all of this 3 movies has in common is that they’re just simple movies with a generic plot but we definitely have fun watching it without a doubt.

I really like Hart, he saves the movie from being bad with his comic moments, I must confess I laughed a lot in this movie! The fact of it being R-Rated helped for the movie to be more free to do whatever they want to do and talk about it. In this movie we see him with Mark Wahlberg, and I must confess that I was afraid it wouldn’t work, but incredible as it may seem, Hart and Wahlberg have an excellent chemistry that makes us laugh during the plot.

Still from ‘Me Time’. All rights to Netflix.

The movie tells the story of Sonny (Kevin Hart), an unemployed family father who takes care of his children and really loves what he does, but he never stopped to think that he never gives himself time, he is always busy taking care of his children that he forgets that he needs time for him to have fun and do whatever he wants, so when his wife and children decide to travel to his grandparents’ house, Sonny stays at home, when he remembers his childhood friend Huck (Mark Wahlberg), who invited him to his 44th birthday but Sonny didn’t know if he was going or not because Huck is known to be quite “radical”, but then Sonny decides that he is going to that birthday, and from there, the problems begin.

They make a great pair of friends and Hart and Mark are fantastic without a doubt, Huck’s birthday was planned to take place in the California desert, where Sonny ends up getting involved with a brown jaguar who was with an weirdly funny CGI, the movie brings worked laughter and very good jokes, but he gets lost when it comes to script, the story is very weak, the film does not have a villain, not that this is a problem but the attempt to “villain” they have is a dull character that only serves as a stone in the shoe at the plot…

Still from ‘Me Time’. All rights to Netflix.

I don’t have nothing to complain about the cast, Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg as I already said are amazing, but also highlighting Che Tafari that made an amazing job as Sonny’s son Dash, he definitely was one of the characters that most made me laugh, he’s job here was pretty well done.

If you don’t like comedy movies, do not watch ‘Me Time’, trust me, this is not for you, but if you enjoy a simple movie to watch friday night and have a good time laughing, you might want to take a look at this movie. ‘Me Time’ is pretty fun, you’ll laugh, but can’t handle a good script, a generic story that brings nothing that we haven’t seen before.

Rating: 60%

‘Me Time’ releases this August 26 on Netflix.

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