The Man From Toronto Review: Good Dose Of Fun And Action

First thing you think when you see Kevin Hart in a movie is that this movie is probably going to be a comedy right? And this movie is no different, which is good and can be bad at the same time, Kevin Hart brings us a perfect dose of comedy but what made me feel was that he played the same character he did in several other movies, but here it works in a good way, Kevin Hart plays Teddy, a person seen as silly and stupid who comes up with a weird and stupid idea that tries to make the audience laugh and can succeed, Hart manages to make laugh in this movie with his clumsiness and idiocy throughout of the plot, as the protagonist I think he did well.

Woody Harrelson is the opposite of Hart, he brings us a darker character, with a dark past but inside he is a sweet cupcake, Harrelson is the Toronto Man in this movie, also known to everyone for torturing his victims and known for killing many and many along its trajectory and it brings fear to many people.
In the plot Teddy gets wrong in an address and goes to meddle where he is not called and is then confused by the Toronto Man (Harrelson) and from that he gets into a lot of fights and political discussions.

Teddy’s wife brings the romantic part of the plot, a beautiful romance between Teddy and her and it’s her birthday and Teddy wants to do everything to please her as a great husband he is, in the end I didn’t quite understand her decision-making at times but not to give spoilers I won’t comment on…

The camera movements and photography are in line with the scenes, sometimes in some scenes the movie looks like I’m playing GTA, which doesn’t mean it’s a defect, the movie has a good cast, everyone fits the role well, and the story of Man From Toronto is something interesting, to see that he actually has dreams that don’t involve blood and violence and the “person” side of him.

The film has its genetic parts but it brings a good dose of action and comedy, it is not unique or innovative, but for action fans they may well like this film, it is a typical Netflix film that succeeds in bringing what is proposed but fails in small details.
The movie has good action scenes, good jokes and good amount of blood! It’s not a very violent movie but for its rating I think it’s enough.

After all it’s a good movie to watch on a Friday night with your family which is a good fun time.

Rating: 6.5/10

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