‘The Incredibles 2’ released 4 years ago today: 5 fun facts about this loved sequel.

4 years ago this day, ‘The Incredibles 2’ released in theaters bringing back one of the most loved super heroes of all time, the movie earned over $1,2B in worldwide Box Office becoming one of the biggest ever! And we brought you some fun facts about this loved sequel!

  1. Most people don’t know, but ‘Toy Story 4’ was initially set to release before ‘The Incredibles 2’ but the production for it was going so fast that they released ‘The Incredibles 2’ one year before.

2. In the movie, the new house they go, very luxury in it by the way, it actually was meant to look like an upward arrow, signifying that they’re doing better this time around.

3. This sequel to the first movie released 14 years later the first movie! So people who watched the first movie as a little kid, watched the sequel as a grown teenage or even adult.

4. Having almost 2 full hours (118 min), ‘The Incredibles 2’ is the longest Pixar movie ever made in the whole history of this studio!

5. In July 2018 the writer and director of ‘Incredibles 2’, Brad Bird, doubled down on his views that just because a movie is animated does not mean it is just for kids when he called out concerned parents over Twitter for referring to Incredibles 2 as a “kids movie”, saying, “With all due respect, it is NOT a ‘kids movie.’ It is animated, and rated PG.”

Later in November 2018, Bird called out iTunes for classifying both Incredibles movies as “kids movies” saying, “Our classification should be no different than adventure films from Marvel or Lucasfilm just because we’re animated. What would you call sexism or racism for an art form? Medium-ism?”

(Credit to IMdB, Buzzfeed and Rappler for those fun facts!)

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