Luck Review: A Fun, Unlucky Adventure

Skydance showed last year that they know very well how to make a short animated film as they did with ‘Blush’ (one of the best animated shorts of 2021), but now they bring us their first full-length animated film. Did they succeed in recreating that magic?

Luck: Apple TV releases the first full-length trailer for their upcoming animated film - The UBJ - United Business Journal

‘Luck’ is simple and far from grandiose. It tells a story about love for yourself and others The film is directed by the controversial John Lasseter, who was accused of sexual harassment and was then subsequently fired by Disney.

‘Luck’ tells the story of Sam, a VERY unlucky person (who’s bad luck sometimes even made me angry and frustrated) until she finds a coin that was left by a black cat. Unfortunately, her bad luck continues as she accidentally flushes the coin down the toilet.

Luck - Apple TV+ Press (UK)

She then finds the cat again and ends up entering the world of luck, where everything goes right and no one is unlucky at anything. However, under that world lies the world of bad luck, which mirrors the world above it.  I can say that I really liked the approach of the two worlds. They are very beautiful visually, even if the look of this animation is much inferior to that of big studios like Pixar; they try to bring something that we can feel is more “cheap” but still has quality. I think the film sometimes fails to try to follow Pixar’s formula, a formula in which we see the development of a character -> the climax -> the character becoming emotionally distraught-> a final problem -> everything turns out fine for the main character.

The soundtrack doesn’t feel unique as other films Lasseter has made unfortunately. The music lacks that spark of originality one usually finds in the best animated films.

The characters in this movie are fascinating and I think they are the best part of the film. Sam has charisma along with Bob the cat, as well as most of the characters.

Luck is a very simple film, which, despite not having a great impact, succeeds in bringing a story about self-love and for others.

Rating: 63%

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