Elvis Review: A Phenomenal Perfomance Can’t Sustain Everything

My expectation when I went to see ‘Elvis’ was neutral, I’m not a big fan of biopics but sometimes I’m surprised as it happened with ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ which I loved so much, it wasn’t the same here, Austin Butler was the best choice for this one role, I think he looks amazing and phenomenal as Elvis, but that doesn’t quite sustain the film.

  So here we see the origin and end of Elvis Presley and his entire career, a boy who was born in a neighborhood of people of color and ended up picking up their customs that in America (and other countries) it was considered incorrect for whites to imitate black people’s customs what if we stop to think nowadays this is stupid and clueless but anyway, in the old days people had prejudices for no reason and it’s a good thing the world is evolving in that.  Elvis passes during various beefs, blows, etc.  I won’t focus too much on the details to avoid giving spoilers about the plot, the movie is good and it’s very complete and brings what it promises, the movie starts quite frantic, the scenes move very fast and a lot to see in a few seconds so it may be that you miss it but then you understand what happened and so on. 

At first I really thought this movie was going to be a pure mess but after all it was a good time, Austin’s resemblance to Elvis is AMAZING and it was really wonderful to see him singing all the songs in the movie, he was electrifying and stylish EVERY time he went on that stage to sing.  Tom Hanks was a great supporting actor and wonderful antagonist of this story, from the beginning of the movie you see him as a crook, as someone who we already know is going to ruin Elvis’ life in some way and that crook look of his is really very intriguing. 

The make-up of this film is excellent, the costumes are pleasing and according to that time and style of Elvis, the cinematography is also excellent and I thought it was very good, the film at the end really tired me, I think it could have gone more calmly at the beginning and go faster at the end, they didn’t delve too much into the origin of Elvis and focused more on the End of Elvis which is also interesting to see but maybe the same dose of both would be better.

 But in conclusion, Elvis does his duty as a biopic and brings us the story of one of the greatest singers in history with an excellent cast and especially a spectacular performance by the protagonist but sometimes it loses itself in plot issues.

Rating: 7/10

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