‘Old Dads’ Review: Yet Another Generic Unfunny Comedy

You probably never heard of this movie, if you did, it was probably because you really check Netflix’s social media but they barely posted about it or marketed it. Comedy movies doesn’t get that promotion that it used to, I love comedy but I’ve feel like the genre been getting weaker through time, a big exception would be Bottoms. Of course we had some great ones here and there but I feel like most of them is just extremely generic and unfunny. Well, let me present you to Netflix’s Old Dads.

Jack Kelly (Bill Burr), Connor Brody (Bobby Cannavale) and Mike Richards (Bokeem Woodbine) are best friends, business partners and old dads. After agreeing to sell their throwback sports apparel company, they’re excited to punch their tickets to the lives they’ve always dreamed of. But when the company is made over by an eccentric new millennial CEO (Miles Robbins), Jack’s anger boils over, creating a series of crises at work, home and his son’s ultra-progressive preschool. In the aftermath, Jack and his fellow old dads must fight to win back their families and self-respect on an unlikely quest that takes them from Palm Desert casinos to strip clubs to the e-scooter riddled streets of Los Angeles.

So Old Dads is that type of comedy movie that probably “old dads” will enjoy it, it can be offensive to certain audiences but honestly the movie is funny sometimes. The movie is packed with social criticism from Bill Burr’s perspective. The main characters are old guys that hate this new generation and they complain about everything and can indeed be annoying sometimes, but honestly you will agree with him in some points.

The biggest issue of this movie is that is just not funny most of the time, it tries so hard to be and the actors felt so forced to make you laugh and you just won’t because they’re chemistry between each other doesn’t work, their lines, jokes and acting are not funny. I’m a fan of Bobby Cannavale but his work here was honestly totally cringey, of course is mainly the script’s fault but he is not funny and I felt like between the whole cast he is the one who forces the most to be funny and well, he fails.

There’s not a lot to talk about it, it’s another generic comedy movie with some messages about how to control your anger and mind but overall, Old Dads is another unfunny generic comedy with a cast that lacked chemistry. It’s honestly not worth watching in my opinion, you got way many better options out there.


Old Dads releases on Netflix on October 20

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