House Of The Dragon Episode 3 Review

This is how a good story should be filled: drama, blood, fights and dragons.

Years have passed back in the Seven Kingdoms and almost all the problems that stood in the previous installment remain there… and worse.

Besides the second episode being not good as I wanted, this one starts with the drama between queen-princess (to-be-queen)- King going to the party of his son, Aegon, two years old, in the woods. And yes, he’s waiting another one coming in any minute.

On the other side, Rhaenyra is feeling sofocantes of all this situations of who’s the next king in the throne, now that they have a son in the family, and being pushed by Viserys to be married. Everyone is making theirs offers like she was some kind of prize to be win. And she doesn’t like that.

The princess run into the forest with Ser Cole and had a calm afternoon until the midnight moment when a boar attacks them leaving to die by Rhaenyra’s hands.

Away from court, there’s an illegal war against the Crab Feeder and his armies in the Stepstones. Despite the presence of two dragons, is looking really bad for them unless some kind of miracle appears. His brothers received a letter and when he got the response, he gets mad about it making a change of plan and deciding to go alone, offering himself to the enemy (pride never on a side, of course). This is all a set up and he’s making everyone going outside of the caves and killing them one by one, until he can’t no more.

A dragon and Velaryon forces is what we see at the last sequences of the episode and a exhausted Daemon looking and taking the standard Targaryen with pride and blood soaked from head to toe.

This is the Kind of shows I’m interested. I don’t like long elaborated and tedious talking about politic. I like action and right to the point.


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