Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Ending Explained *SPOILERS*

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Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 is officially out and we will explain why the ending of Volume 2 and why Hawkins is more broken than ever.


With the final 2 Episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 releasing and coming in at a total of about 4 hours lets reflect on the last episode and explain what is next after the ending of Stranger Things Season 4.

A lot has happened throughout Season 4 of Stranger Things and Volume 2 has made things a lot worse for Hawkins. After the events of Volume 2 we have felt emotional, happy, surprised, and most of all terrified. As we see Nancy, Steve, and Robin are in the upside down at the creel house as they have supposedly killed Vecna but as they go down the stairs to find Vecna, he is gone. The Clock chimes 4 times meaning that he has completed and has 4 victims and the last victim being Max. Cracks begin to open up even bigger from where we have seen Vecna’s victims murdered and that being, Eddie’s trailer from where Chrissy was murdered, Fred’s murder in the middle of the street, Patrick from the basketball team in the middle of the water, and the last murder in the addict of the creel house. These cracks begin to open up so big, that it goes through Hawkins and destroys houses and buildings.

Just as everyone reunites Will tells Mike that now that he is in Hawkins he can feel Vecna. Everyone looks up in the sky and what it seem like ash falling from the sky. Steve, Dustin, and Robin are at the Hawkins High School helping people who lost there homes after the massive earthquake that Vecna has caused. Eleven, Mike, Will, Jonathan, Nancy, Hopper, and Joyce follow the ashes and sees that the upside down is basically coming in Hawkins even more as the grey clouds and red lightning strike from above. Even tho a lot of people are leaving Hawkins because of this massive earthquake and the upside down coming into the city, the team is ready to take on what ever is next in the final season of Stranger Things.

Let us know down below what you guys thought of Volume 2 and what do you think is next for Hawkins?

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