In Which Episodes Is Daredevil Most Likely To Appear On She-Hulk?

We were looking out on IMDb casting of ‘She-Hulk: Attorney At Law’ and we saw something very interesting that most of people probably hadn’t noticed. Yes it could mean everything but could maybe be a hint for Daredevil appearance on the series.

Just reminding that IMDb has been correct about ‘Ms. Marvel’ casting related to each appearance on each Episode so they can indeed be considered as reliable.

If we take a look at the cast of EACH Episode of the series we can see that on SPECIFICALLY on Episode 5 cast we can see the cast of Jason M Edwards as the GLKH Lawyer, but that’s ONLY in that Episode, maybe this could address us to another lawyer who could be Daredevil? Who knows right?

We also noticed that on Episode 7 they cast Anthony S. Gooosby as “Robber #1” , but the question is: “Why they cast a robber ONLY in this Episode?”.

In previous rumors we saw that Daredevil would make an appearance in the series and he would get an whole new suit, so if he’s using the suit so he’s fighting right? Maybe this robber? Ok i can be just hallucinating but it could also be right since this are the ONLY Episodes this characters were cast.

Another fact pointed by @StreamrNews on Twitter noticed that those Episodes were directed by a different director than the other Episodes… Episodes 5,6,7 are directed by Anu Valia.

So if i would guess based in this informations, Daredevil could appear between Episode 5-7 of ‘She-Hulk: Attorney At Law’. What’s your opinion about it?

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