‘Prey’ Movie Review – The Perfect Predator Movie

The Predator Franchise was dormant for twenty years as far as solo films were concerned. There have been two opportunities to reinvigorate the franchise. Predators and The Predator were both fun but failed attempts. This time, the franchise joined the streaming service side of things with the release of the Hulu original Prey. Despite this … Read more

‘Rise of the TMNT: The Movie’ Review: A Beautifully, Brute-fully Rebuilding of The Ninja Turtles

When the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series first premiered on Netflix in 2018, many believed that the newest rehashing of this franchise could be a successful addition to the modern era of TMNT media. While the TV series steps away from its predecessors in terms of its format and development, Rise of the Teenage … Read more

Netflix’s The Sandman Review

The supernatural side of DC comics is probably the best comic book content there is. But sadly we are still years away from seeing Constantine in live action again or any similar character. Fortunately we now have the live action adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s iconic The Sandman comics currently streaming on Netflix. And there are … Read more

Bullet Train Review: David Leitch Strikes Again In A Crazy And Action-Packed New Ride.

David Leitch’s Bullet Train based on the novel of same name by Kōtarō Isaka is an energetic action packed comedy that gives you a simple story with great, unique, and charismatic assassins bound to meet by fate. 10 assassins with unique abilities all meet in a train leaving Tokyo and heading to Kyoto, on this … Read more

Bodies Bodies Bodies Review: The Best Slasher Film of the Year

2022 has been an awesome year for slashers. You had the “requel” Scream, Ti West’s X (with a prequel coming out this fall), and now, Bodies Bodies Bodies. A slasher-comedy about a party game that goes too far — kind of like Ready or Not — Bodies Bodies Bodies (simplified to Bodies for this review going forward except for references to the game itself) puts … Read more

Harley Quinn S3 First Review: Harley’s Playground Delightfully Welcomes Harlivy’s Bond And Energy

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD FOR HARLEY QUINN SEASON 3! READ AT YOUR OWN WILL! Harley Quinn has always been a standout figure within the Batman mythos as well as the greater DC Universe, though when I first heard of her getting her own show, I’ll admit I felt a bit skeptical. However, after witnessing Harley’s return … Read more

Despicable Me Franchise, Ranked

Illumination is not the biggest animated studio we have since Pixar, Disney and Dreamworks are still producing blockbusters, but something Illumination brought us was one of the best franchises for an animated movie in recent years. ‘Despicable Me’ is a amazing franchise and every time they release a new sequel, audiences seem to flock to … Read more