Day Shift Review: A Entertaining Film With Some Of Netflix’s Best Action

Day Shift is a fun time with some of Netflix’s best action in a long time. This movie may be slow for the first 35 mins or so but when things pick up, they pick up fast.

Cast: Jamie Foxx, Snoop Dogg, Dave Franco

Directed By: J.J Perry


Jamie Foxx, who plays Bud Jablonski, is a hardworking father who is trying to provide for his daughter through what his daughter and ex-wife think is just a pool cleaning job. In reality, he is hunting some good old blood-thirsty vampires. The buddy cop duo of Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco are very funny in this. Much of their humor may be campy but it works for me. The soundtrack in this film is great as it includes some of the best classic hip-hop songs featuring Snoop Dogg himself. However, Snoop Dogg’s screen time in this film is disappointing. I do wish we saw more of him but his limited presence is still appreciated. Karla Souza, who plays the villain, was a very fun and terrifying villain as well. The action in this film is the real highlight. The fight choreography from J.J Perry and his team (who worked on the John Wick franchise) is great. There is one fight scene in a house that was surprisingly high in quality.


The first act of the film is certainly the weakest aspect. However, I did think the opening fight scene was quite good. I did have a problem with whenever Bud sets traps up to catch vampires. We often don’t see him setting up the traps and therefore viewers may be confused throughout some of the action as to how those traps will come into play. I thought the visuals and CGI were fine; some sections definitely needed improvement. There wasn’t a horror aspect to this film. I could point to possibly two “scary” scenes but this movie definitely puts comedy first, which I didn’t have a problem with. I really don’t have that many complaints except that the 1st act was difficult to get through and often was very confusing to watch.


Day Shift is a fun, entertaining film with some great action. Despite its flaws, this film’s action really brought up its rating, and was certainly the highlight.


Rating: 70%

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