Bullet Train Review: David Leitch Strikes Again In A Crazy And Action-Packed New Ride.

David Leitch’s Bullet Train based on the novel of same name by Kōtarō Isaka is an energetic action packed comedy that gives you a simple story with great, unique, and charismatic assassins bound to meet by fate.

10 assassins with unique abilities all meet in a train leaving Tokyo and heading to Kyoto, on this train we follow Brad Pitt’s character codenamed Ladybug, as he returns to his job after re-evaluating his life choices that lead him to less than desirable outcomes on past missions, on this new job he has the simple task of grabbing a briefcase that will be handed to a great japanese crime boss, but he soon discovers that every assassin on this train wants the briefcase or Ladybug’s head.
The movie’s action scenes are impeccable that is expected coming from the director of Hobbs & Shaw, Atomic Blond, Deadpool 2, and uncredited director of John Wick. This movie style of editing during the fight is great letting some shots hold on and letting the choreography take center stage and other scenes having quick cuts that doesn’t lose your focus of what is happening showing a character looking at the weapon, grabbing the weapon, and the camera following the weapon’s trajectory to the target.

Even with 10 characters important to the outcome and flow of the story, the movie never lets a character overstay their welcome or not letting them have enough screen time, the movie’s cameos also work their ways into plans of the people in the train and how they ended up where they are now.
The comedy in this movies makes everything even better with incredible lines courtesy of screenwriter Zak Olkewicz, but funny lines can be made even better when accompanied by great visual comedy be with character’s reactions, interventions in the middle of scenes, or a simple jump cut putting us in a whole new scene. Similar to what Edgar Wright or Guy Ritchie do in their respective movies.

Costume design and scenery desing helps the viewer to not get lost in this intertwining narrative, each cabin has a different color, pattern, and types sitting from the more experienced to the cheaper cabin. Adding to that all characters have their own clothing choices unique and represent their past or how they portray themselves at the moment.
I would recommend this to everyone who likes good action and great comedy, and it is great for calling a party with friends to watch together and after the movie is done say which action scene they enjoyed the most or what death was the funniest, this is a safe bet to anybody who likes cinema and is not trying to challenge your view in the world, life it’s simple and it’s great at it.

Rating: 90%

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