Beast Review: Wild As A Beast.

Beast follows Dr. Nate Samuels (Idris Elba) and his 2 daughters, Norah Samuels (Leah Jeffries) and Meredith Samuels (Iyana Halley) having a family trip to Africa, until they go on safari with their uncle Martin Battles (Sharlto Copley) and are attacked by an unusually sized lion and try to survive this attack. The movie has excellent and beautiful visuals you really feel like you are in the middle of the Savanna, the director Baltasar Kormákur (2 Guns) really has the talent to make the scenes beautiful and tense too, the visual effects of the movie are an impressive thing for a movie that it only cost 36 million dollars which is shameful to know that some big companies that usually spend 100-200 million dollars on a movie and even then

you can see the CGI defect in them (MARVEL). Baltasar Kormákur’s direction really impresses with the way everything is recorded and in a totally unique way, the direction avoids dry cuts and always tries to make one more wide shot. The action scenes of the movie are simple scenes but they cause tension and a fear in what you are watching and you always get that feeling that any character can die at any moment!

Everyone’s acting in this film is also excellent, especially Idris Elba and Sharlto Copley, the film as a whole is very powerful and tense! But Beast has a big flaw, its third act is just plain boring, unfortunately the depth of the third act and like a shallow dish without any weight and emotion, the film also has several things unanswered throughout it and that if it were cut from the film I wouldn’t miss it, there’s also something in Beast that bothered me a lot while I was watching the movie, which in this case is the moment when you say “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN IN SO SHORT TIME???” Time in the movie is certainly the biggest protagonist because when it wants to work it works, another problem with Beast is the famous “coincidences” that happen too much during the movie. Despite these negative points, Beast still manages to be a unique film and with a repetitive proposal the film does manage to impress you in its duration of 1 hour and 33 minutes!

Score: 75%

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