Month: December 2022

REPORT: Peter Pan & Wendy Reportedly Eying Early 2023 Release

Disney has been releasing many live-action adaptation movies in their streaming service… with the most recent Pinocchio which was apparently a massive disappointment according to most of the audience… and now their trying to bring one more classic animation to…

‘Dragon Age: Absolution’ Review: An Exciting Heist Of A Lifetime Finds Its Spellbinding Blaze

Dragon Age fans have been treading lightly as they’ve waited for a new game to this franchise for a while. Dragon Age: Inquisition, released 2014, left both fans and critics in awe for its extensive campaign, compelling characters, and intensive…

[EXCLUSIVE] Sonic Prime’s Deven Mack & Logan McPherson Talk Legacy, Multiverse & Season 2 Hopes! [INTERVIEW]

Thanks To SEGA & NETFLIX We Got To Take Part In The Press Junket For “SONIC PRIME” And Talk To Executive Producer, Logan Mcpherson & The Voice Of Sonic, Deven Mack About The Show, It’s Multiversal Approach & A Potential…

The Peripheral Star Gary Carr Discusses Favorite Sci-Fi Movies, Chloë Grace Moretz and More

All eight episodes of ‘The Peripheral’ are streaming on Prime Video now.

Interview: Empire of Light Star Tanya Moodie and Sam Mendes Shared a Similar Connection  

The actor also discussed working with Olivia Colman, Micheal Ward and films that had emotional resonance in her childhood.