EXCLUSIVE: Plot Details on A24 Film ‘Dream Scenario’ Starring Nicolas Cage

EXCLUSIVE: Plot details for A24’s new film ‘Dream Scenario’ have surfaced as the film continues production in Toronto. A filming notice has posted this summary of the movie: “Dream Scenario” follows the story of a schlubby professor whose life never really panned out for him. He suddenly becomes an overnight celebrity after appearing in every … Read more

Lost Bullet 2 Review: An Action-packed return for Lino and Gang.

Lost Bullet 2 (Original Title: Balle Perdue 2) is the sequel to the 2020 film Lost Bullet, which was a widely appreciated action movie by Netflix, but its hype dies pretty soon. But it did do well enough for Netflix to produce a sequel to it, and now in 2022 we finally have the sequel … Read more

Violent Night #NYCC22 Review: An Action Packed Must Watch For Christmas Season

Violent Night follows mercenaries as they break into an upscale family compound, taking the family hostage on Christmas Eve; they weren’t prepared for a surprising combatant: Santa Claus (David Harbour), who is on the scene and will prove he’s no saint. . Violent Night is a film where it lives up to its name, being … Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Producer Barry Josephson Reveals Plans On Another Sequel And Spin-Offs For ‘Disenchanted’. [INTERVIEW]

Thanks to Disney, we had the opportunity to talk to producer Barry Josephson about his new movie Disenchanted, sequel to Enchanted that’s releasing next Friday (November 18) on Disney+ Read the full interview below: The Hollywood Handle: How did you reacted when they told you that they were coming back for a sequel, 15 years … Read more

Zootopia+ Review: A Fun And Entertaining Collection

Zootopia was, for me, one of the best animated films of the past decade, a film that has become a classic work of animated films with a fantastic mystery at its heart and captivating characters. When they announced that they were going to release a series of shorts based on the movie, however, I wasn’t … Read more