Meet Cute Review: Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco Shine in a Time-Loop Rom-Com

2022 has been a soft revival of the rom-com genre of sorts. Marry Me, The Lost City and the one I’m most anticipating, Ticket to Paradise (for obvious reasons to anyone who knows me) have all brought something to the table in a genre that’s been lacking new ideas and a presence in the mainstream … Read more

Netflix and The Goldmine to Video Game Adaptations

Cyberpunk Edgerunners | The Witcher

Let’s be honest: video game-to-film adaptations were a new low point for entertainment industry. While anime series set within universes like Persona, Ace Attorney, and Final Fantasy were thriving, live-action videogame movies like the critically-criticized Resident Evil and Hitman series left this part of the industry in shambles. However, after Detective Pikachu‘s release in 2016, it … Read more

Andor Ep 1-4 Review: An Unexpected Glorious Galactic Ride.

I don’t know what to say honestly, this series literally made me speechless right now, because, honestly, this was my least anticipating Star Wars projects in the upcoming years, why? I’m not that person who likes prequels usually, I know there are many good ones but I just can’t get excited for those, we already … Read more

Don’t Worry Darling Review: Olivia Wilde’s Second Directorial Feature is a Step Down from Booksmart

It’s quite ironic that early on in Olivia Wilde’s second directorial feature, Don’t Worry Darling, Chris Pine’s character asks the question: What gets in the way of progress? The answer is chaos; which is also the perfect word to sum up the press tour for this film. Wilde’s directing ability shows even more confidence than … Read more

Blonde Review: Andrew Dominik’s Candle Burned Out Long Before the Legend of Marilyn Monroe Ever Did

All biopics have an element of fiction to them. I await the day that a biopic is true-to-life to a tee. But whether it’s Bohemian Rhapsody taking “liberties,” to put it nicely, with Freddie Mercury’s AIDS diagnosis or Rocketman being a clear-cut fairytale version of Elton John’s life, it’s inevitable that these types of films … Read more

Do Revenge Review: Fancy And Charming.

I confess that my expectation for this movie was zero, I don’t usually like teen movies with this school vibe, gossip, ostentation, etc. But here the movie is REALLY fun and very important to watch and for reasons I will explain. The film tells the story of Drea (Camila Mendes), a girl with a bad … Read more

On Blu-ray: Where the Crawdads Sing

Whether you were a fan of the film or not, Where the Crawdads Sing was one of 2022’s under-the-radar successes. The film has legged out to the tune of $122 million worldwide to date — $87 million domestic — which feels like a rarity for a PG-13 drama in the franchise climate we live in. … Read more