‘Entergalactic’ Review: An Astounding Visual Perspective of Reality

Kid Cudi’s career has made him an influential mainstay for millennials and his work as a solo artist has made him incredibly valuable to the music industry, despite the controversies he’s held with bigger stars like Kanye. However, his music has allowed him to transition between the music and film worlds as he has been … Read more

My Best Friend’s Exorcism Review: Elsie Fisher Needs to Conquer Demons of 2022

There’s nothing worse than a young actor having their potential wasted down the drain project by project. Has any actor had a worse year — at least by mainstream media standards — than Elsie Fisher? The wonderfully-talented actress made a name for herself in the Despicable Me franchise but really got put on everyone’s radar … Read more

Hocus Pocus 2 Review: A Faithful And Enchanting Sequel.

Almost 30 years ago, the first Hocus Pocus movie released making many people hate and became one huge box office flop, so how this could get a sequel right? A bad movie with a bad box office? Nah that’s impossible. And here we are, many years later, getting a sequel of a movie that despite … Read more

Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and the X-Men(?)

It’s about time the merc-with-a-mouth finally makes his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On September 27, Ryan Reynolds posted a video on Twitter about the upcoming Deadpool threequel, which is planned to be set within the larger scale of the MCU. While the release date for the movie was revealed, set for September 6th, … Read more

Tyler Bates & Tim Williams Discuss Their Score for Pearl [Interview]

Ti West’s X and Pearl have quickly made up two-thirds of a surprise hit franchise. I remember missing the teaser for Pearl at my press screening for X way back in March of this year but was still excited at the idea of more from this franchise.  Pearl serves as a prequel to one of … Read more

‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’ Review: A Comical Reflection of Existence

SPOILERS FOR DON’T HUG ME I’M SCARED. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is finally back and it still manages to both terrify me and make me laugh in ways that I’ve never felt with any other series adapted from YouTube. Originally created by Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling, the original Don’t Hug Me I’m … Read more