The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power Ep 1-2 Review: Stunning, Magical and Enchanting.

We would first like to thank Amazon Prime Video for giving us the opportunity to check out the first 2 episodes of ‘The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power’. The most expensive series in history… what could we expect? Surely something great and magnificent that is as big as its budget. And here … Read more

Movies Releasing In September 2022

Today we will be listing the biggest movies that will be releasing in theaters and streaming this September!   Pinocchio  | On Disney Plus September 8th    Directed By: Robert Zemeckis    Starring: Tom Hanks, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Luke Evans   Official Synopsis: A live action adaptation of Disney’s classic animated film “Pinocchio’.     … Read more

Top 5 Movie Trailers of all time

5 – Suicide Squad (2016) With the all-time classic song, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ blasting in the background, it makes us question how such a good trailer could lead to such a disappointing movie. 4 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) 2015 was the year that ‘Star Wars’ returned to the big screen. The trailer gave … Read more

Dan Lin, David Zaslav, and the DCEU: Can Warner Bros. Discovery Salvage the DCEU?

With a lot happening in Warner Bros. Discovery, from its planned HBO Max-Discovery+ merger to multiple projects including Batman: Caped Crusader being sold, the company has never been in such a more precarious time than now. In recent months, old company heads including Toby Emmerich, former chairman, and Jason Kilar, former WarnerMedia CEO, stepped down to … Read more

Samaritan Review: Stallone At One Of His Worst Perfomances.

You can say whatever you want, but Sylvester Stallone is certainly one of the actors who marked a generation, but anyone is perfect, right? Stallone brings us one of his worst performances in his career but which, luckily, is a movie that can’t be something great. Amazon Prime Video showed in ‘The Boys’ that they … Read more

‘Pantheon’ Review: A Naturalistic, Compelling Take On Defining Humanity

Thank you to AMC+ for providing early screeners for Pantheon and making this review possible. Pantheon premieres on September 1 on AMC+. Since the beginnings of the early society, there has always been that philosophical question about what makes someone really human. Is it something physical, mental, emotional, or universal? Being a news writer, I’m not that … Read more