5 reasons why Thor: Love and Thunder is the best MCU movie and 5 reasons why its the worst

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*Contains Spoilers for ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’*

Villain – Best

Why Christian Bale's Gorr The God Butcher Is A Refreshing Marvel Villain

Christian Bale was a perfect casting choice and he delivers a fantastic performance as Gorr the God Butcher. Gorr is an interesting villain with a great introduction at the beginning of the movie and will be remembered as a great villain despite his lack of screentime.

Plot – Worst

Thor: Love And Thunder' opens with £9.1m at UK-Ireland box office after  scorching weekend | News | Screen

Love and Thunder’s plot was a misfire to be sure with many conveniences and it let the movie down, especially the fact that it was a group of kids that helped to kill a literal God Butcher.

Cinematography – Best

DiscussingFilm on Twitter: "The cinematography of 'THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER'.  https://t.co/tkjt4V33WN" / Twitter

This movie was beautiful, to say the least, with multiple scenes showing Taika Waititi’s strengths as a director.

Pacing – Worst

Thor's naked Love and Thunder scene reveals Loki tribute

Was there any need for the second act? It had no relevance to the overall story as all our characters did was get another super weapon. The movie could have helped with a more streamlined storyline to help out with the pacing and the overall end product.

Music – Best

Thor: Love and Thunder' review: Chris Hemsworth brings muscle, magic

Does Michael Giacchino have any misses? His electric score elevates every scene and is a true highlight of the film.

Fakeout Deaths – Worst

Is Korg Gay in 'Thor: Love and Thunder?'

Zeus, Valkyrie, Korg, Lady Sif and Gorr’s daughter. Do we need to elaborate? Fake-out deaths take away any impact of future deaths as people will just expect them to survive.

Colour – Best

See The Thor: Love And Thunder Trailer With Christian Bale As A God Killer

Taika Waititi’s use of vibrant colour makes Love and Thunder an electric and visually pleasing watch and emphasises his style of filmmaking.

CGI – Worst

Thor - This Thor: Love and Thunder clip is raising questions about MCU's  relationship with CGI - Telegraph India

For a movie mostly made with VFX and CGI, its flaws show as there are some noticeable scenes with lacklustre CGI. These scenes leave a bad taste in viewers mouths especially after some VFX companies jave said that they are now refusing to work with Marvel due to the unrealistic deadlines and pressure on workers.

Comedy – Best

New “Thor: Love And Thunder” Spot Titled "Speech" Released

Love and Thunder is a funny movie to say the least and Taika Waititi’s way of making a film funny is ever present. The screeming goats are a highlight for us.

Comedy – Worst

Meet Thor's 'Greatest Team' In New 'Love And Thunder' Teaser & Posters

Taika Waititi’s use of comedy had pros and cons as well as lovers and haters. However his persistent joke-telling has many flaws as it makes any moments of suspense or emotion fall flat by adding in a one-liner. Thor’s charecter was also harmed by the constant comedy because every line he said was just a build up to a joke meaning his charecter, the God of Thunder, has now become someone who cant be taken seriously.

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