The Best Superman Moments In DCEU.

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Superman is indeed the most iconic superhero. The character paved the way for other superhero characters in comics as well as started the comic book movie genre.

There are multiple iterations of the character in all mediums. The latest portrayal of Superman in movies is debated a lot, but it definitely introduced the character to the modern audience and also presented a lot of new ideas for the character, for which this iteration definitely deserves the praise. Yes, I am ignoring Justice League 2017 because “truth and Justice” definitely isn’t hopeful or makes any sense, specially when said to a world-conquering alien.

Here are the top 10 Superman moments in the DCEU

No. 10 Back at the Kent Farm

While Zack Snyder’s Justice League was itself a big moment for the fans, Superman had a total of 15 minutes of screen-time in the movie, but had great moments. This right here definitely means a lot to the fans of the previous two Snyder movies because the movie revisits the Kent farm again, Clark again feels like that boy from Kansas. Martha, Lois, and Clark reunite.

No. 9 The scream from Man of Steel

Superman had to do the inevitable. As Zod said earlier in the battle, “either you die or I do.” There was simply no other way. Superman had no experience in fighting anyone and going against a military general of an advanced civilization definitely won’t go well otherwise. So Superman had to kill Zod. Superman cried and screamed and got to his knees because not only did he have to kill someone, but also because Zod was the last one of his kind.

No. 8 Not impressed

The return of Superman didn’t impress the audience back in 2017. Superman waiting until Cyborg gets his legs ripped apart by Steppenwolf, then appears and says the dialogue about truth and justice, wastes time and then alone takes on the alien saving the entire team and the world.

Well, we got that scene again this year in Zack Snyder’s Justice League . But this time it worked. And it was special seeing Superman again. The team almost had it under control. Then Superman appearing, saving Cyborg, saying “not impressed”, freezing Steppenwolf’s axe, and incredible music was just cherry on the cake. Then beating Steppenwolf as he did earlier too, but this time it was way better. Superman had his moment with the league and he saved the world. But hey we all know who actually saved universe.

No. 7 Superman was just a dream of a farmer from Kansas

A lot of “Superman fans” hated this scene because he acted a little too human and showed self doubt and depression. But this scene kind of solved the problem that a lot of previous Superman movies had. Superman giving speeches and saying hopeful lines works when we know he has gone through some problems in his own life. Otherwise, it simply falls flat

In this scene, Clark just gets so overwhelmed with emotions. He tries to save people and do good, but still gets hated on. These are the exact emotions any of us would have right? Superman actually felt human in live action. Having an arc to become that great character in a world with problems is much better than just being that perfect Superman we know him as. He has to learn, to accept, to be accepted from the world.

No. 6 Flight 2.0

The walk through the Kryptonian ship, with all the iconic lines from both his fathers in the background, and then the parallel to iconic first flight from Man of Steel, but with the black suit, all great moments for DC fans.

No. 5 The Hero cake

When great Superman moments are talked about, this incredible moment always gets skipped over. This moment perfectly describes Clark’s fear of not being able to save everyone. Again, such a human moment. He “walks” up a mountain after getting overwhelmed by emotions from the capitol incident. He remembers  his father narrating that day when he and his father saved the farm from heavy rain. His grandmother made the “hero cake.” While they ate the cake, all the horses of the neighbor drowned. That moment being a similarly haunting experience for Jonathan Kent. And then that “I miss you dad” and “I miss you too, son” And the camera zooming out and showing Clark standing “alone” at the top of the mountain, great writing, acting and amazing scene.

No. 4 Destroying the world engine

While escaping the destruction, Jenny gets trapped in the rubble and Perry stopped there, not caring for his life to save her. On the other hand, Superman had to take the risk, go through the immense gravity from the world engine and destroy it. Incredible visuals and score makes that scene even better. All of them looking up to Superman, going up towards the world engine as he was their only hope is just such a great moment.

No. 3 Gods among us

This scene is the most realistic portrayal of the Superman character as well as media in the movies. The entire montage is of Superman just saving people and media arguing over him over him. The scene is just so well made.

No. 2 The Capitol incident

There’s one huge difference in the theatrical and the ultimate edition in this scene in particular. In theatrical, Superman comes out of the Capitol and flies away. Wait, what? Superman wouldn’t do that.

In the ultimate cut, he comes out depressed like before, and he tries to save people. Then, one police guy asks him to move and give them some space. Now we can see the emotions. He gets so overwhelmed by emotions that he just can’t control it and flies away. This scene is followed by the “hero cake” scene with his father. Why would they cut that out? That was hardly a minute long and does so much. But hey, WB is just like 100 years old, they need to evaluate their business decisions.

No. 2 The death of Superman

Around an hour ago, Clark was so depressed he went to Lois and said that this isn’t his world, that his world doesn’t exist anymore and now he calls it his world after everything that happened. It’s a great arc.

Superman is ready to sacrifice himself for the world that doesn’t even like him, setting an example and becoming the symbol of hope. Just the way that scene is executed both times with the scream (BvS and Zack Snyder’s Justice League) so well. It’s just a great moment. Then Batman carrying him. Lois looks up to wonder Woman. There are no words, but the meaning is clear. And beautiful vocals in the background makes it emotional.

No. 1 Flight

“You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun, Kal. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders.”

Iconic. This scene is perfect. It’s well written, well shot, well edited and directed. It just felt too real and unreal at same time. It is indeed a very important scene for the character. He is different than the other Kryptonians and he has to make his own choices and decide what kind of a person he wants to be.

That was the ranking for the best DCEU Superman moments. I love this version for what it is. Some years ago, I wanted it some other way too. But the effort that went into the creation if this version, it just made Superman even more special. Superman never felt this real in live action before at least to me. These movies took the basic mythology of the character and threw the character in this very real setting. He faces all these problems and learns to become the great person he is supposed to be. It’s his journey to accept people and be accepted by them.

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Good Cinema makes me happy. might even make my own film someday.
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